Dr Amy Hardie, Dr Olivia Sagan, Professor Sarah Kettley, Emily BeaneyZoom

This panel brings four perspectives on invisibility, explored through creative practice using documentary film-making; the psychological; the creative practitioner, the patient, and the humanist academic.

We will cover
1. the process of witnessing the invisible
2. intersensory engagement and the implications for audience
3. the power of illuminating the usually overlooked 'ordinary'
4.how the process of making films can unlock powerful new therapeutic tools for the makers and their subjects

Dr Olivia Sagan is Head of the Psychology at Queen Margaret University, specialising in the phenomenology of mental ill health and its interface with creativity.

Professor Sarah Kettley as a design practitioner brings a humanist perspective to participant creativity.

Dr Amy Hardie makes feature documentaries exploring invisible illnesses. She created and teaches on the FilmMedicine course.

She will screen a short documentary on fear of Covid, a dialogue between a carer and a buddhist master.

Emily Beaney , FilmMedicine PhD student, screens a short film on the lived experiences of managing long-term illnesses at home, focusing upon affect and sensation. Often unacknowledged, family is perhaps the most important of all relationships surrounding illness experience (Schneider and Conrad, 1983),illuminating ‘radical kinship’, ‘politics of care’, and the entanglement of such relationships with their delicate balances of care and control (Hedva, 2015)

Universities of Edinburgh, Queen Margaret University, UK
Thu 09:30 - 11:00
Creative Methodologies, Visual Culture
Curated session