(In)visible Identities? Medical Humanities, Women and the Archive

(In)visible Identities? Medical Humanities, Women and the Archive

Dr Anna Jamieson, Eilis Boyle, Leah Sidi, Christine SloboginZoom

This 90-minute panel considers how archival collections highlight or hide understudied aspects of women’s identities within medical contexts. Taking an intersectional approach, it looks towards themes of class, disability, gender identity and feminism to reflect on the methodological challenges researchers face when uncovering women's experiences across the medical humanities. It brings together 4 15-minute papers:

“War Disability, Care, and the Politics of Visibility: Obscuring Women in the Post-war Archive”, Eilis Boyle, University of Kent

‘Stereotypes of Silence: Tracing the Eighteenth-Century Woman’s Psychiatric Experience’, Anna Jamieson, Birkbeck College

“Delineating the Work of Care in the Archive of Feminist Review”, Leah Sidi, UCL

“The Gender Fluidity of Work in the Second World War Plastics Ward: The Case of Dickie Orpen and Corporal Bucket”, Christine Slobogin, Birkbeck College

These papers engage with a range of themes, including: women and post-First World War domestic space; women, class, the eighteenth-century madhouse and retrospective diagnosis; visualisations of the intersection of gender and work within the Second World War surgical ward; and the concept of care and labour within the Feminist Review. Together, they address the role of archival collections in promoting and eliding women’s stories in contexts of health, care, and the medical humanities.

Birkbeck College, University of Kent, University College London, UK
Wed 16:30 - 18:00
Gender and Sexuality
Curated session