What It Feels Like

What It Feels Like

Ms Julie Toft CarlsenPadlet

I want to present how narratives may be used to explore the contentious space of interaction and understanding between medicine, society and the individual. Personal, visual-based narratives can become an educational aid for the general public and a research tool for the medical humanities.

Inspired by trauma texts and twentieth-century visual culture, I began exploring how neurodivergent or psychosomatic experiences might be visualised and narrativised.

My experimental video essay, what it feels like (2020), was completed as part of the assessment for an interdisciplinary university course within the Film and the Medical Humanities Departments. I filmed myself trying to study during a day in lockdown and inserted montages designed to mimic my experience of living with ADHD symptoms and coping mechanisms. The video became more authentic than I had planned, as it not only shows restless behaviours I was unaware of, but contains errors of speech and writing that are typical of ADHD. As such, it conveys the neurodivergent experience not only in content but in form.

Advancing this format of visual storytelling would allow marginalised voices of patients to break taboos and share their experiences, to build understanding of internal processes that remain otherwise inaccessible to others.

University of Aberdeen, UK
Wed 09:30 - 11:00
Visual Culture
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