“You have to cope with it.” – Violence against health professionals

“You have to cope with it.” - Violence against health professionals

Ms Margret JaegerZoom

People with ill health are in a vulnerable situation when they enter a hospital in search of help. Some of them act aggressively against staff members due to different reasons. The presentation addresses the urgent topic of violence against health professionals in hospitals reflecting on research results from Austria. Studies from the last twenty years show high incidents of violence against health professionals in many countries and question measures against it (WHO 2002 etc.). Collected data from 2020 shows that staff do not frequently officially report violent incidents, but rely on the colleague´s support. They are also not aware of the employer´s responsibility to protect them as determined by law by implementing different measures. Can anthropological knowledge help to reduce conflict situations? Non-participant observation in the waiting area of the emergency unit and answers of interviewees from two units of a general hospital call for an anthropological reflection. We want to address the challenging situation within the emergency unit and discuss temporality and workplace culture from both sides, the health professionals perceptions and the patient´s and their companion. Assistance for the redesign of the unit is our main goal.

Sigmund Freud University Vienna/Linz, Austria
Thu 09:30 - 11:00
Inequalities, Maternity and Childbirth
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